Green Dreams for the Planet Foundation (GDP) is an environmental awakening and sustainability action enterprise, focussing on climate change & sustainable tourism.

·         GDP will champion, propagate, spread the word about climate change issues, and its effects on tourism.

There is a general lack of awareness towards issues surrounding climate change in the tourism industry.  The effects of climate change on tourism, and the effects that tourism has on climate change is not discussed as much as it needs to be. The tourism industry and its stakeholders have not had a chance to understand the science behind and fundamental issues that govern climate change. When this understanding is spread, their work in the industry will become more sensitive to the planet. 

·         GDP will identify, facilitate and implement sustainability solutions and technologies that will help promote sustainable tourism.

Sustainable technologies are moving forward at a rapid pace. People within the sector are aware of the changes and advancements. However, the community at large and the tourism sector in specific, are unaware of all the possibilities. GDP will spread the word of new sustainable technologies and help implement them. 

·         GDP will act as a think tank to given inputs that influence policy making at a local, national, regional and global level.

GDP hopes to assemble a panel of experts from around the world, who will act as a think tank for India in specific and the Sub Continent & SAARC countries in general. There is a lot of advanced and cutting edge thinking from around the world, that we need to harvest for the benefit of the region. GDP will facilitate this through regular newsletters, research studies, publication of papers and organising conferences & workshops.