Governments across the world are grappling with issues that concern human development, resource consumption and climate change. The United Nations (UN), 2030 Global Agenda for Development – a global vision agreed by nations to bridge the development inequity and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) are together meant to help humanity approach development with the commitment of ‘leaving no one behind’.

To mirror the efforts of governments, everyone needs to put their shoulder to the wheel. The private sector needs to also take on this responsibility. Progressive corporates are making the shift from approaching sustainable development as CSR to integrating it into the core business. Most often this is a response to investors’ or customers’ demands and government rules, to make their businesses more sustainable. However, enlightened CEOs see sustainability as an imperative – a have to do rather than a nice to do – for a thriving, valuable business.

The biggest barrier to corporates embracing sustainability principles, processes and practices is awareness.

The common perception amongst corporates is that sustainability means environment. In reality sustainability has three dimensions – Economic, Social and Environmental. This shift in understanding is complex, and needs to be absorbed at senior levels of management, as this journey needs commitment at a Board level.

To help in the process, Green Dreams for the Planet conducts awareness programmes and training workshops. These sessions have a generous sprinkling of case studies, best practices and global initiatives, all of which should help raise awareness, the first step on the journey towards sustainability.

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